Whether you are looking for Support Worker Employment or Plan Management this page will help you understand how we do the work that we do.

We handle the ‘paperwork’ side of participation in the NDIS.

That means that we can:

Become the legal employer for your Support Workers through our Support Worker Employment service
Handle the financial management of your NDIS plan through our Plan Management Service

When you contact us, we’ll let you know how we will work together depending on what service you need.

Whether you or the person you care for are using NDIS funding or personal income to access support, we can assist you.

Before we start to work with you, we will talk to you about your funding and check that everything is in order.

If you or the person you care for are an NDIS participant, we can help you manage your NDIS budget, and what part of your funding pays for your Support Worker Employment or Plan Management.

We will not arrange your funding for you.

Our goal is to help people with a disability have more freedom and choice -

freedom from the administrative burden of Plan Management
choice of your own Support Workers.

As part of our Plan Management Service, we can make sure that the supports you are using are paid for from your NDIS or personal funding.

If you would like us to help you with Support Worker Employment you - or the person you care for or are responsible for - must,

Need the support of one or more support workers
Have found a support worker that you would like to employ
Have the right funding to employ that support person

If you would like us to help you with Plan Management you - or the person you care for or are responsible for - must be an NDIS participant.

We are not an employment agency and do not supply our own support workers. We work with you to employ your choice of support worker.

Before we employ a support worker we do a number of legal and mandatory checks.

We will,

Check that they are who they say they are (an identification check using a driver’s license or other identifying document)
Obtain a current National Police Criminal Record check
Confirm they are registered to work with vulnerable people
Complete their mandatory NDIS Worker Orientation Module
Check their First Aid / CPR certificate if needed

If you use our Support Worker Employment service, we are the legal employer of your support workers.

You get the choice and control of who you would like to work with, but we take on the responsibility of employment.

You are responsible for rostering your support worker and approving their timesheet for payment.