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Disability support service providers
Tasmanian Disability Support
Support Worker Tasmania

We provide the platform for participants, their family or guardian to directly engage services of their own support workers as required to meet specific needs, without the burden of direct legal and administrative duties. We encourage direct control and relationship building between the support worker, participant and their family or guardian. We respect a participant’s right to determine who, how and when supports are delivered.

We encourage participants, their family or guardian to work with their support workers and identify the training and scheduling required to meet their specific needs.

On behalf of the participant, their family or guardian, Access2Choice Tasmania assumes the legal responsibility of support worker employment. Our responsibilities include payment of wages, taxation liabilities, superannuation guarantee contribution, worker’s compensation and insurances.

We work with participants, monitor funding arrangements and work with the funding provider to ensure the correct services are allocated to meet the needs of the participant.

We can connect you with the right case managers or facilitators for your requirements.

We give you peace of mind by verifying and meeting the legal requirements of employing a support worker.

If you require support, have a specific support worker you wish to use and have a funding source for that care, Access2Choice Tasmania can help you. Talk to us today.