• How does Access2Choice Tasmania work?

    Access2Choice Tasmania supports people with a disability, their family or guardian to directly find, engage and manage one on one support by using caring and committed support workers. We take care of the administrative duties of this engagement such as payroll, taxation, superannuation and claiming of service provision.

  • What type of support can Access2Choice Tasmania provide?

    Talk to us today about your specific support requirements. We currently provide support assisting with tasks like –

    • Help Around the House - The things you need to make your house a home. Light cleaning, yard maintenance and home-office duties.

    • In Home Help - Ways to make your independence more seamless - someone to assist with morning and evening routines, medication administration and meal preparation.

    • Personal Care - A supporting hand to help with the more personal side of care (toileting and mealtime assistance) at home or in the community.

    • Out & About - Support to get out and be involved.

    • Transport - A simple means of getting you out and about to do things and give you the independence to get your chores done - someone to get you there and back with help as needed along the way.

    • Specialist support (high needs) - For anything that requires a higher level of support to meet the specific needs of the individual.

  • What funding can I use with Access2Choice Tasmania?

    Access2Choice Tasmania supports all types of funding. Participants with a disability can use either a self-managed disability support package such as NDIS or their own personal income to pay for support. We need to verify the funding source prior to employment of the support worker.

  • Does Access2Choice Tasmania arrange funding?

    Access2Choice Tasmania does not arrange funding. We focus on supporting people with a disability to manage their own support workers. We can invoice the agency or service holding your funding package directly for the support hours received. We can put you in touch with the right case managers or facilitators who can assist you with your requirements.

  • Who can use Access2Choice Tasmania Services?

    Access2Choice Tasmania will support any individual who has a requirement for care involving one or more support workers or has a support worker they would like to engage and has an appropriate funding source to employ that support.

  • Can Access2Choice Tasmania supply support workers?

    Access2Choice Tasmania is not an employment agency however we can make enquiries with our existing support workers seeking extra employment opportunities. Contact us today and discuss your support requirements.

  • How does Access2Choice Tasmania verify support workers?

    Access2Choice Tasmania has legal and mandatory checks to verify a support workers’ eligibility before employment can commence. These checks include personal identification such as a driver’s license, a National Police Criminal Record Check, Working with Vulnerable People check, a current resume and First Aid/CPR certificate if required by the participant and/or their families.

  • Who is the legal employer for Access2Choice Support Workers?

    Direct employment for support workers is engaged by the participant, their family of guardian, however Access2Choice Tasmania remains the legal employer for your support services. This means that we have the responsibility for the health and safety policies, verification of legal documents such as National Police Check and Working with Vulnerable People, providing insurances, payroll and quality of the service provided.